Past Projects

Offshore Wind Development Coalition: Offshore Wind

Provide strategic advice, policy development, and outreach in support of offshore wind.

offshore wind

Environmental Defense Fund: Fisheries

Designed and continues to manage a project for EDF that focuses on its goal of improving the practice and business of fishing, and innovating for healthy oceans.

fishing boat

Oregon Natural Desert Association: Renewable Energy

Convene meetings between Oregon conservation organizations to create a renewable energy strategic plan for projects in Oregon, that allows for better partnerships with renewable energy developers and details policy objectives that protect wildlife and scenic and wilderness values.

ORMAT: Geothermal

Develop and implement outreach strategies for projects in Oregon.

Glass Butte

Environmental Defense Action Fund: Alaska Climate Change

Constituent outreach and coalition building in Alaska in support of a national cap and trade policy for greenhouse gas emissions.

Alaska Range

Ocean Conservancy: Marine Spatial Planning

Led a working group of wave, tidal, and offshore wind developers, conservation groups, and industry associations to draft a set of joint principles on how the concept of marine spatial planning can be implemented while continuing to foster the nascent ocean renewable energy industry.

northwest coast

Pacific Energy Ventures: DOE Scoping Initiative

Assisted Pacific Energy Ventures in conducting a stakeholder process on wave and tidal energy for the U.S. Department of Energy.

Environmental Defense Fund: FERC-MMS MOU

Conceived of and led a process for Environmental Defense Fund that resulted in consensus among environmentalists, utilities, and technology developers on a joint set of principles for the responsible development of renewable energy in the oceans. The parties to this pioneering collaboration agreed to a visionary set of principles to guide the growth of this potentially significant source of green energy. Their work was a major factor in the resolution by the Obama Administration in April 2009 of a years-long jurisdictional conflict between the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the Minerals Management Service.

Advisory and Pro Bono Activities


Rising Tide Strategies is leading a collaborative effort among local renewable energy companies and the City of Bend to create a renewable energy improvement district.

bend logo

Ocean Champions

Jack Sterne is the co-founder of Ocean Champions, the only national political organization for the oceans. During his three-year tenure as Executive Director, the organization raised nearly $1 million, primarily from individual donors, to help elect a bipartisan slate of pro-ocean candidates to federal and state offices. Under his leadership, Ocean Champions was an important player in successful legislative battles on the reauthorization of the Magnuson-Stevens Act and attempts to lift the moratorium on offshore oil drilling. While running Ocean Champions, he managed a large team of fundraising, communication, and political consultants. He continues to serve Ocean Champions as a senior advisor and board member.

ocean champions


Jack Sterne is a board member of the Oregon Natural Desert Association (ONDA), a 1,200-member grassroots organization committed to protecting, defending, and restoring the health of Oregon’s native deserts for present and future generations. Founded in 1987, ONDA is the only group working exclusively to protect Oregon’s vast High Desert.

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